Student organization is not about organizing one’s space. Children today have so many challenges. Not only do they have school, sometimes sports, friends, possibly a job but when you had in the component of technology it elevates things to a whole other level. They are torn in so many directions if is oftentimes hard for them to focus and prioritize. Add into that the fact that more and more children are diagnosed with ADHD and executive function disorder and that complicates matters all the more.

Children that struggle with ADHD will often be treated by a pediatrician, a child psychiatrist, a psychologist, a behavior therapist, and an organizational coach (sometimes known as a professional organizer). We are a part of the team just as everyone else to ensure that the child receives the help needed to succeed in school and beyond. 

With student organizing the core skills a student will develop is:
- Information management
- Time management
- Project management
- Managing multiple priorities
- Study skills
- Space management

Just to clarify we are not tutors. What we do when working with students is preparing your child with the tools and strategies to success during the school year. However, those same skills are useful well after school so in essence we are preparing them for life. The skills taught for handling homework and school projects are often the same skills needed to navigate the changes that life throws you in adulthood. The reality is that life happens and we all need to be able to handle the curveballs thrown at us.

Children today need to be able to grasp the tools to solve life’s problems as they come

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