Getting organized is consistently on the top ten list of New Year’s resolutions. Not being organized costs time, space, money and/or energy. Making the decision to get organized helps to alleviate these issues. 

Why do I need a Professional Organizer? 

Where do I start? 

The beginning of your organizing journey starts by reaching out to us for a phone consultation. 

Can I afford your services?

We offer several different packages for in person organizing and virtual organizing. There is a plan affordable for all. 

I am too embarrassed to have someone see my home. 

We are all non-judgmental professionals. Think of us as your doctor. If you have a rash in a compromising area, you would show it to the doctor for treatment. The same is true of us. We are there to help, not to pass judgement. 

Will you make me throw everything away? 

Absolutely not. Our goal is to help you create harmony in your space. You will always have the last word on what you let go of. Our goal is to create the solutions for you. 

How long will it take?

That will depend entirely on the scope of the project. An estimate can be given during the consultation. 

What do I need to prepare?

Not a thing. Just be open to the process.

Do I need to be there? 

Yes and no. It depends on the service. For home organization the answer is yes as we can’t make decisions for you. When it comes to moves it is not necessary for you to be present. 

Do you bring organizing supplies with you? 

More times than not, almost all the homes I go into have some organizing supplies. Usually there are things that can be used to aid in the organizing process. 

Do you come alone or as a team? 

This will depend on the scope of the project. Larger projects tend to need more than one person. 

Do you offer gift certificates? 

Absolutely! Everyone loves the gift of organization especially when someone else is doing it for them.

What areas do you service? 

In short…everywhere. For in person organizing we service the San Fernando valley, Los Angeles,  Palm Springs and the surrounding areas. Virtually we can work with you anywhere in the world. 

Who do you service? 

We can help everyone. Our clients run the gamut from busy executives to small business owners to stay at home moms to A-list celebrities. And now you. 

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