transportation issues, coordinating the many different parties involved, worries about the well-being of your physical belongings, conflicting time-frames and deadlines, concerns about the safety of your kids and pets, maybe even a little anxiety about your new neighborhood – not to mention all the extra decisions and to-dos and complications that go with trying to sell a home.

Trying to manage it all by yourself is often more than one person (or even an entire family) can handle. Having someone there to guide you through the process from start to finish can be the difference between a stressful situation and a joyous new beginning.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by all the details there is a better solution! Whether you want assistance with one small part of your move or need someone to handle every aspect of your relocation, whether your challenge is packing to move or unpacking at your final destination or full-on organizing and decluttering your home to get it ready for sale – the experts at Organize2Harmonize are here to help. Let us be your moving fairies – we will wave our magic wands and in what will seem like a matter of minutes it will all be done for you.

There are so many logistical components to consider; whether to go DIY or hire a mover,

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