According to the Today’s Homeowner, “a home inventory is a comprehensive report which includes detailed descriptions and photos of the personal property in and around your home”. Think of it as another form of insurance. Having a home inventory before you need one cuts down on your stress levels, saves you time looking for receipts and such, and makes the whole process much easier. The time to think about getting a home inventory is before you actually need one.

The reason may be because most people don’t really understand what a home inventory is and why they might need one. 

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To protect your investments – Having a home inventory makes filing a claim more efficient. It gives the insurance company all the detailed information they need. When insuring your personal belongings, it would be wise to contact your insurance professional to make sure you have the right amount of coverage.  

Preserving a family legacy – Over time things of value, be they monetary or sentimental, can get lost as they are passed from generation to generation. With a detailed home inventory you can keep track of what item is where, making things a lot simpler down the road. The inventory is also very helpful when deciding beneficiary designation.

Estate planning – Do you want to determine your net worth? Knowing just how much you weigh financially is an important thing for some and a practical thing for others. If that’s the case, having a home inventory is the simplest way to know just how much all of your possessions are worth.

Moving – Things can sometimes get lost or broken when moving. It may not happen often but it does happen. An inventory is a good way to have some kind of security if this should happen. It helps to get the right amount of insurance. The free insurance most moving companies offer covers next to nothing and you want to make sure you have enough coverage just in case the truck with all of your stuff just happens to fall into the ocean.

Legal issues (such as a divorce or an unexpected death) – While no one wants to think about these things, they are a part of life. It is always better to be legally prepared in such a situation than to drag the already uncomfortable and dismal situation out even further. This way things can be resolved professionally and calmly.

Peace of mind – According to the Emergency Preparedness Magazine, “only 17% of people were prepared for an emergency”, while the Insurance Institute states that “every state is affected by some form of catastrophe”. That means that the 83% of those that are not prepared will have a hard time of it when an emergency occurs. Having an inventory will let you sleep better knowing that even if your belongings were lost in a flood/tornado/hurricane/fire/earthquake, you will still know what you lost, how much money you need to cover the damage and whether the insurance will cover it.

The bottom line is you do not want to be one of those people who have the “if only” syndrome which is also called “hindsight”. Do not think about what you should’ve done after a disaster strikes. Think ahead. Put your mind at ease. You don’t need to remember everything in your head when you can have a detailed home inventory. 

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Alice Harnell

"Reynolds very efficiently handled the disposal of many years of accumulated furniture, art work, and bric-a-brac in my home, and got me top dollar for the pieces. I was out of town during the entire Estate Sale process, and Robyn took care of everything, including donating those items that did not sell. I would highly recommend her services." 

"I can without hesitation heartily recommend Robyn Reynolds in her capacity as Estate Manager. Just this past week, she organized our sale and though we were a bit nervous about the endeavor, having never done this before, she was a calming influence. Furthermore, she combines professionalism with a down to earth personality that kept us as well as the customers cool, calm and collected. Those lucky enough to hire her, I am sure will find the experience a very profitable as well as enjoyable one." 

Barry Rathner

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