A few weeks ago on the blog, I shared 5 ways that decluttering your home can change your life for the better. In that post, I talk about how organization is backed by science and how when you take action to declutter the different parts of your home, you start to experience true harmony in your life.

Because I know that the act of organizing can be a challenge for some people and it doesn’t come as naturally as it does for others, I want to make sure I’m providing plenty of resources for you so that this process feels easy and streamlined. 

An area of the home that I see many people struggle with when it comes to clutter is their closet. This typically happens due to limited space and an overload of items with nowhere to put all of the belongings.

While many of us dream of having a Pinterest-worthy closet with plenty of storage and hanging space, that’s simply not the reality for the majority, so sometimes it requires getting creative to achieve a clutter free closet that remains functional. 

During my time as a professional organizer, I’ve seen first hand different types of closets ranging from large to small and have since found a few items that I encourage everyone, no matter your closet size, to invest in so that your closet can be organized, clutter free and 100% functional on a day to day basis. 

Before I get to those items, it’s important to note that no amount of organization will solve the issue of too much stuff!

Overtime, we as humans naturally accumulate so many items that it often gets to a point where we don’t even know what we have. 

This is VERY common when it comes to your clothes, shoes and accessories and I can almost bet that there are clothes hanging in your closet at this very moment that you haven’t touched in years and there are probably shoes that no longer fit taking up precious space. 

If you’re guilty of this common scenario, before you do anything else, I want you to follow my purge process that includes taking total inventory of EVERYTHING you have. 

To start, take everything out of your dresser drawers and follow my tried and true 3 pile organization process:

  • Keepthese are the items that still fit, what you actually wear and that you can’t live without. 
  • Donatethese are the items that are in good condition that you’ve been hanging on to, but haven’t actually worn in months. Free up your space by donating these!
  • Tossand finally, these are the items that have been heavily used and served their time. The sweater with multiple holes in it? Go ahead and toss that thing!

Once you’ve completed this for all of your dresser drawers, do the same for the items in your closet, including shoes and accessories.

Once you know which items you’ll be keeping, it’s time to organize them in a way that allows you to clearly see what you have on a daily basis.

Felt Hangers

One of the most simple yet most impactful things that make closets feel more organized right away is when all of the hangers match. 

Most people have mismatched hangers with different colors, wire hangers, plastic hangers from shopping, etc. and it creates a cluttered visual that you might not even realize. 

To solve this, my favorite thing to incorporate in clients’ closets are matching felt hangers to create an aesthetically appealing look on a budget – here are my favorites! 

Another benefit to these specific hangers is that they save space since they are much thinner than plastic or wooden hangers. 

Purse Organizer

If you’re a woman that loves to accessorize with bags, you’ve likely found that it’s difficult to store them, so they end up hanging in different parts of your house and clutches and wallets become thrown in multiple drawers with no real organization in place.

To help clients with this tricky accessory, I found a perfect solution that provides streamlined organization for these items.

Sunglass Organizer

Another common accessory that tends to be overlooked when it comes to organization are sunglasses.

If you’re someone that has a vast collection of sunglasses, it’s important that you’re storing them in a way so that they don’t get broken or damaged and this sunglass organizer was made for just that!

Shelf Dividers

If you have a closet space with a lot of open shelving that requires you to fold a number of your clothes, it can become very cluttered very easily if you aren’t careful.

One way to avoid this is to invest in shelf dividers that separate your shelf space into different functional areas to organize different items and maximize your storage space by keeping your folded clothes in neatly stacked piles.

These dividers specifically act as a faux wall so your folded items don’t fall over.

Honeycomb Organizer

And finally, probably one of my most favorite items to suggest to people is a honeycomb organizer for drawer space. I consider this to be a holy grail item that perfectly divides your drawers for optimal organization.

This works great for all under garments, socks, scarfs, makeup, etc.

Overall, your closet can go from cluttered to clean with minimal effort and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!

By following these tips you can be on your way to more harmony in your home, no matter what condition your closet is currently in.

For more support in your organization process for any part of your home, including custom closets, connect here to see how the Organize2Harmonize team can best serve you.

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