Happy September! This month traditionally marks the end of summer and starts the transition into the fall season. Although it may still be warm outside where you live, many people like to maximize the season as much as possible and start decorating their homes for fall way before the temps drop.

As a professional home organizer, I have a few no clutter seasonal decor tips that I encourage people to consider and follow in order to keep the harmony in their home and avoid clutter.

While I absolutely love incorporating seasonal elements into my own home and the homes of my clients, if you aren’t careful it’s easy to go overboard and before you know it, your whole home will start looking like an aisle inside of Hobby Lobby. 

To keep the harmony in your home all season long, follow my top tips for no clutter decorating this fall season.

Choose a theme and stick to it

First things first, when it comes to decorating for fall – or really any season – choose one single theme and stick with it throughout your entire home.

It can be very tempting to browse the seasonal decor aisles at all of your favorite stores and buy multiple decor pieces from each.

For example, you may get a wooden pumpkin from Hobby Lobby, gold candle holders from Target and a few throw pillows from HomeGoods.

While they all may be great pieces individually, when you put them together, you run the risk of creating a cluttered instead of cohesive look.

The best rule of thumb for no clutter decorating is to choose one theme or style for the season at hand and keep that one thing in mind as you do your shopping.

As you shop, remember to browse ALL decor aisles and not just the seasonal ones. An item doesn’t have to be labeled as “seasonal” for you to use it as your own personal seasonal decor and oftentimes the items that aren’t labeled as “seasonal” will be less expensive.

Remember: less is more

While we’re on the topic of shopping and choosing decor pieces, remember this: less is MORE!

When you opt for fewer decor items, you very easily avoid clutter in your home and you’re able to enjoy the space more. 

Don’t believe me? Consider this: think about the last time you walked into a home decor or craft store, such as Hobby Lobby. The first few aisles are always filled with seasonal items and the shelves are packed full with all kinds of things. 

It’s so overwhelming and can be really hard to even find what you’re looking for. Now, because Hobby Lobby is a store, this is of course okay!

But imagine if that’s how you treat your home. If you overload your mantle, cram items onto every coffee or side table in your living room and go crazy in your entryway, the Hobby Lobby effect is exactly what you’ll get.

Instead, when you pick one single theme and stick to fewer items in each space, you’ll create a sense of harmony in your home and will enjoy it each time you walk in.

Decorate with items you already have

Each season, all of our favorite stores release new items and our social media feeds are flooded with people showing off these items in their home. Because of this it’s tempting to want to overhaul your seasonal decor and go buy all of the new items. 

The truth is, however, you don’t need to buy expensive new seasonal decor in order to enjoy the changing seasons. Chances are you already have PLENTY of items that are begging for your use.

Not only is using items you already own the easiest way to decorate, it’s also the most cost-effective and gives you the opportunity to be creative with what you already have. 

Before buying anything new, I encourage you to drag out any seasonal decor items from your closets, attic or garage and go through every single piece. As you do this, create 3 piles: keep, donate or toss.

From there, you can determine what items you already have that are worth keeping around, sell or donate any items that are in good condition, but that you no longer care for and toss any items that have been heavily used and are no longer in good condition.

During this process, it’s likely that you will discover a few decor items that are perfect for your current space or theme and saves you time AND money by not having to purchase anything new.

Utilize seasonal plants for a pop of color

Finally, a simple yet overlooked way to decorate your home for the season without creating clutter is to utilize seasonal plants – fake or artificial. 

Pro tip: if you opt for artificial plants, add a little bit of water to the vases to create a realistic look!

Plants instantly bring a pop of color, texture and life to your home and can even be used on their own without all of the other extra stuff, so if you aren’t really interested in decorating or you want to keep things simple this year, this is a great option for you!

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to incorporating plants into your seasonal decor is the time of year. Match your plants to the season so that when you walk into your home, you experience the ultimate feeling that all seasons bring.

For example, in the spring and summer, opt for bright and vibrant flowers and in the winter and fall, choose darker and more moody options.

Keep the harmony this season

Overall, there is absolutely a way that you can decorate your home for the season without creating clutter and ultimately keeping the harmony. 

It’s important to remember that you don’t always have to follow the trends, you can use items that you already own and you don’t have to break the bank to decorate your home, regardless of the time of year.

My hope is that these no clutter decorating tips encourage you during this time of seasonal transition and that you feel empowered to move forward with your decorating in a way that keeps your home clutter free! If you are ever in need of assistance or want more insight on how to accomplish this in your space, our team is here to help.

No Clutter Seasonal Decor Tips


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