Well it’s finally here….2019! Another year gone and the start of a new one. Now that the partying and festivities are over its time to get down to business. Time to make those resolutions. January also happens to be Get Organized Month or GO Month as we call it in the trade. If you are like the majority of the population, getting organized continues to be on the top ten list of resolutions of the year. The problem is that most people don’t complete most if any of their resolutions. The intention is there but they lack the follow through.

While I understand it may not be as fun for everyone as it is for us, you can always accomplish your goals.  Last year the New York Times published an article about how to make those resolutions and keep them.


While all of this information might seem like a lot to take in, we like the idea of the SMART Method. This idea was published in 1981 in Management Review based on a paper by George T. Doran. We always say Work Smarter, Not Harder. While this method can apply to your goals and resolutions, it can also help in getting organized in general. Here’s a bit of what the NY Times has to say about this method.

Specific – Be specific in the goals/resolutions you set for yourself. The more specific you are the more focused you will be in achieving your set goals.

Measurable – Make sure whatever you set your sights on can somehow be measured over time whether it be through photos or a journal. Seeing the progress you are making can be a major benefactor in boosting your confidence to achieve your resolutions.

Achievable – Make sure whatever you set your sights on isn’t so out there that it will most likely never be reached. Start small and the end result will be much more satisfying.

Relevant – Make it personal. Make it something you really want to be able to accomplish because then you know you are doing it for you and are more likely to get the end result you want.

Time Bound – Make a realistic time line. Some things won’t happen over night. As long as you are aware of that and can set realistic expectations for yourself, you will realize that your goals will be that much easier to reach.

Whether it’s needing a bit of coaching to help facilitate the process or having the hands on help, it is possible. For those who are more tech savvy, there’s also an app for that! Check out the article below on Apps that can help achieve those goals you set for yourself.


So now that you have those resolutions set, keep going! Work hard and set realistic goals for yourself. Remember sometimes less is more. When you can accomplish the small stuff, you set yourself up to conquer the bigger stuff. So good luck and we wish you all the best as you set forth and tackle those 2019 resolutions.

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