Are You Ready To Go?

The tickets have been booked and the destination set. Whether it be for business or pleasure we’ve all had to plan out what we HAVE, what we NEED, and what’s still left to DO for a trip. Here’s a way to help get you organized for your travels.


Things To Keep In Mind

There’s usually a lot of planning that goes into any type of trip.  Before you leave, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:


-What is my destination? (beach, mountains, city, remote location where nobody can find me)

-How will I get there? (plane, train, or automobile)

-What will the weather be like? (hot, cold, moderate)

-How long will I be going for? (a few days, weeks, a month)

-What type of bag should I pack? (carry on, checked bag, doesn’t matter because we have the car that can fit it all.)

-Will I need a housesitter/petsitter?

-What bills do I need to pay beforehand? (Sounds weird, but there’s nothing worse than being on a relaxing vacation when you suddenly realize a bill wasn’t paid on time. Help yourself avoid that stress altogether.)


Asking yourself all of these can help you plan out the HAVES, NEEDS and DO’S for your trip.


Packing It Up

Now that you’ve asked the appropriate questions think about what you need to take and how you need to pack. Bulky clothes and items for colder weather take up more space than swimsuits, shorts and t-shirts for warm weather. A longer trip will require more clothes and a shorter trip the opposite.This will usually give you an idea of whether the smaller carry on can come out or whether the giant suitcase gets to make an appearance. There’s so many ways in which you can choose to organize your suitcase. Here’s a video with a few great pointers to help you make the most efficient use of your space.


 Also remember suitcase organizers are great for separating everything from toiletries to undergarments. The Container Store and Amazon have a great selection to choose from.

If you and the family are doing a Griswold Family style road trip here are some pointers on how to pack up the car.


  • Remember to keep snacks easily accessible.
  • Make sure tablets or any other devices are fully charged. Don’t forget those headphones to go with them.
  • If the kids get bored with their devices create a small activity basket they can keep in the backseat. Travel games, white boards, coloring books, etc. can all be kept in there. For younger kids you can also take some of those things and wrap them up. Give them a “gift” along the way that they can open and play with. Who doesn’t like to unwrap something?


Last Minute Things to Remember

Now that you are packed and ready to go here are a few last minute things to remember.


  • If flying print boarding passes ahead of time or have them ready to go on your phone. Gets you through those airport lines a lot faster.
  • Pay for any checked bags ahead of time. Again that line at the airport can sometimes be avoided altogether if you are prepared.
  • Make sure all devices are charged.
  • Make sure you have all ID’s, passports, keys, or any other smaller items you might need.
  • If you are taking a road trip, be sure to load the car the night before. Saves you time in the morning and you can then assess what still needs to go in the car.


And in case we forgot anything, here are just a few added travel tips from The Container Store.

So bon voyage and safe travels!

Are You Ready To Go?


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