Lately there has a been a lot of earth shaking going on in So Cal, so it seemed like a good time to talk about emergency preparedness. No matter where you live, there can always be some sort of emergency and it’s important to be aware and prepared.

Emergency Kit

Every household should have some type of Emergency Kit. This can include anything from water, to flashlights, to first aid supplies. You can also put together your kit based on where you live and what emergencies you may be at risk for (i.e. earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes). For more information on what to include in your kit check out So pack up and make sure your kit is disaster ready and easily accessible.

Contact Information

Having an emergency kit alone does not mean you are truly prepared in case of a real emergency. There are a few things to plan in addition to your kit. Contact information for all household members should be accessible for everyone. That means phone numbers for jobs and schools, addresses and social media accounts. In addition, someone that lives out of the area, preferably out of the state, should also be included on the list.

It’s also a good idea to include doctor information and numbers for local emergency services. Once you have your list of contacts together write it down on an index card and make sure every member of your family/emergency plan has a copy.

Plan of Action

More times than not, an emergency can happen when the family is not all together. That’s why it is important to have a plan of action. If minor children are a part of the family, then who will pick them up? Where will you meet…at home, an outside location, outside of town or somewhere else? The same thought process should be implemented if there are pets. Make sure you review your plan with every member of the family so everyone is on the same page if an emergency does in fact happen.

For more information about being prepared check out this helpful information from The Red Cross and Fema.

Remember prepare and be ready before an emergency to minimize chaos and stress during an actual emergency.

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