Yes, one could argue that creating a sense of harmony in the bedroom is largely an organizational topic and we’ve touched on that here. But there are other tips we have for ensuring your organized space is allowing for optimal wellness and harmony. Ready? Here we go….



Is clutter really bad for your sleep cycle? YES! A cluttered room is a cluttered mind; it is as simple as that. Repeat after me: 1. Sort (keep, throw away, or donate) 2. Give everything a designated place 3. Leave room to grow 4. Maintain the organizational system.


Excessive or Halogen Light

Natural light is perfect for the morning wakeup. Put all light sources on dimmers for a more calming environment (and do away with Halogen all together while you are it, it is just not safe!).


They all emit a blue light—and that’s worrisome says the scientific community. While it boosts mood and alertness during the day, at night it can disrupt your natural sleep-wake cycle. It is recommended to avoid screens beginning two to three hours before hitting the pillow.


Sleep cycles disruption. When they wake up and stir, likely so do you.

Hygiene. We all love our pets but it may be best to leave the possibility of ringworm, meningitis, fleas and the like at the bedroom door and not on your bed.


While alcohol may make you drowsy enough to fall asleep, research shows drinks immediately before bed can actually disrupt your sleep cycle by limiting the deep sleep you’ll get in a night. From a nutritional and overall wellness standpoint, drinking sugar before bed is not advisable; It adds calories that you are not burning off.


Sure, it’s comfortable and convenient, but what about the unwanted pests crumbs tend to attract? For sanitation purposes alone, food should be left outside the bedroom. And from a wellness perspective, we probably would be well served to not eat after dinner, anywhere, let alone just before bed.

Family Photos

We all love our family photos, but there is a better place. Family photos in the bedroom are a big Feng Shui 101 no no. They have the capacity to trigger unwanted noise in your head and can keep you awake and anxious. Think “white noise”.

Temperature Extremes

A toasty bedroom is hard to beat. But studies show that optimal sleep occurs in a room between 60-67 degrees. So monitor the range of those heaters and/or air conditioners.

Office Space

Reading in bed, awesome. Working in bed, not so much. Your bedroom should be a respite for sleep and relaxation. Having an office space set up in your bedroom creates a stressful environment and our brains may have a difficult time associating bedroom and sleep. Work-life balance is critical to our wellness.


Say good bye to the 1980’s “Mountain o’ Pillows” design aesthetic. You should only be sleeping on one pillow for optimal sleep anyway and all of the others serve no purpose other than an extra exercise in the evening taking them off the bed and in the morning, piling them back on.

In the end, it is all about having simple, effective systems in place to manage our daily lives optimally. We have outlined a system for bedroom and sleep harmony. Clutter control is a subsystem. Easy! Not Easy? Call us 😎

Tips For Creating Harmony In Your Bedroom

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