The new school year is on the horizon as summer comes to a close. The focus will no longer be sun, sand and relaxation, it will change to carpools, homework and report cards. No time like the present to get your kids organized in order to have a smooth transition and ensure a successful school year going forward.

What needs to happen to have an organized and successful school year? The answer is preparation.

Success Tip #1: Clothing.

In order to maintain focus in the classroom you want your kids to be comfortable with what they are wearing. That means that clothing should fit well. Out with the old or too small and in with the new and perfectly fitting. When we feel good, we fidget less and pay attention more.

Success Tip #2: Work Space. 

Homework is to school what fun is to summer. School success also depends on children having a clean work area for homework. Whether the work space is a desk, a lap desk, a corner of a table or a portable table, it is important to clear it after each use so there is a clean space to come back to the next day. Keeping supplies within reach of the work space is a good idea as well. A clean space equals a clean mind; one that is ready to work.

Success Tip #3: Lockers/Backpacks. 

Lockers at school should be kept nice and organized as well. Teach your kids that the same organization rules for work space apply for lockers and backpacks. This means no papers or books shoved in the locker or bag. They should be stacked neatly or placed in folders and in the locker/backpack appropriately. With all the different locker/backpack accessories available today, it is easier than ever to maintain a very organized space.

Success Tip #4: Recipes/Menus. 

Nothing is truer with kids more so than their tastes are always changing. Their tastes change in clothes, toys, and, of course, food. Often times the food that was once their favorite lands on the “I hate that” list.  Now is the perfect time to go over recipes and menus for breakfast and lunch so mornings will be easier for everyone and lunches will be eaten and not traded or thrown away. Plan their menus for the week, buy and prepare as much as possible beforehand and it will make things easier. Get the kids involved if you can. They will be more invested if they are included in the process.

Success Tip #5: Getting Them Off To School.

To keep your sanity and avoid all the confusion in the mornings before school do as much preparing the night before as possible. Make as many lunches as possible, even putting snacks and such in containers and baggies. Have your kids put all books, papers and supplies in backpacks the night before. Have them pick out clothes the night before and make a rule that there are no changes in the morning. Most important, be realistic with your time. Get everyone up early enough so all can be washed, dressed and fed without chaos and head out the door with smiles on their faces at the start of the day.

Here’s to a successful school year for everyone.

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