What makes real estate agents happy? Closing escrows quickly of course! Agents also love being referred to family and friends of their clients. Our goal as professional organizers is to ensure that our real estate partners are happy. So what does a real estate agent/professional organizer partnership look like?

There are a variety of services that we offer that represent direct value added benefits to agents.  Staging with existing furniture is perhaps the most impactful. We have an eye for what a property should look like to get the most attention from prospective buyers. We understand that the key to a successful sale is for the prospective buyer to be able to envision him or herself living in a particular space and not be distracted by the current homeowner’s “esthetic” and “stuff”. Decluttering the home and making it “magazine ready” enables a potential buyer to view the property as their own. Our track record shows that homes we have staged sell in under two weeks regardless of the market.

Relocation services is another key service that we offer. This affords real estate agents the opportunity to offer a value that is two fold: the staged home sells quickly and the same team that organized the homeowners personal belongings can now complete the relocation process for the client. Let’s face it, we all would all love to snap our fingers and magically have all of our belongings in their place. Few of us enjoy the process of moving; spending every spare moment for weeks and months on end packing and organizing the move. Enter O2H, our team loves packing and organizing. In what may seem like a few hours, a home can be completely packed and organized so that the homeowner doesn’t have to lift a finger. In addition, because it is being packed by professional organizers you won’t find the mixing bowls from the kitchen packed with toys from your child’s room. That makes the unpacking part of the move so much smoother. Speaking of unpacking, we do that as well! Wouldn’t it be nice for your many clients to have someone else handle all the logistics of their move?

Traditionally, real estate agents present their buyers with a closing gift as a gesture of gratitude. O2H believes, and past real estate partners have agreed, that a gift of professional organizing is both appropriate and useful! We have found that clients truly appreciate the professional help while getting settled into a new home.

As the inherent value added of our services becomes more apparent during real estate sales, we are seeing a trend toward becoming a part of the agents core team. Capitalizing on this type of synergy offers all involved the greatest value, working together for the good of the client, one property at a time.

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