The household makeover trend continues to sweep the nation from extreme home renovations to quick room fixes and easy decor boosters. It seems that everyone is looking for ways to enhance their living spaces and by extension, their lives.

It has been said that your bedroom should be your sanctuary; a place where we relax, meditate and slumber to get rejuvenated for the next day. What is more, the average person spends one-third of the day in the bedroom so bedroom makeovers are a priority right? Wrong!

In spite of an ever-increasing awareness of the importance of sleep to our overall physical and mental well-being, the makeover trend has left the bedroom as the single most neglected space. Given some thought, it really kind of makes sense from a social perspective. We are innately a communal society. Our family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bonus rooms and kitchens are where we gather to entertain, receive friends and family, so we naturally want those spaces to shine.

Another motivator for leaving the oh so important slumber room off the makeover list is the staggering cost. According to, a typical bedroom makeover costs approximately $28k. So how do we reconcile turning our bedrooms into the sanctuary we deserve for an optimal night’s sleep without breaking the bank? We have the answer so read on!


Create Your Own  Bedroom Sanctuary.

Let’s talk about the word “sanctuary” for a moment. Most people go to a spiritual place when they hear this word. Designers would like to convince us that an expensive spa like environment is necessary to achieve an enlightened and blissful night sleep. On the contrary,  feng shui experts and professional organizers alike agree that having a consistently clutter free and organized space is one of the single biggest contributors to an optimal sleep environment.   So go ahead and abandon the high-end paint swatches, exotic wooden headboards, imported tile, and boutique lighting sources in favor of a budget and user-friendly, science backed, good old fashioned organizational plan. That’s right. If you want a peaceful and calm bedroom, and presumably a better night’s sleep, it is as simple as getting and staying organized.  Here’s how!

Getting Organized.

Pare Down Your Belongings. Think “Keep, Discard, Donate, Sell”

Organize. With the right hangers, containers and shoe storage to help with keeping the rest of the room organized.

Keep Floors Clear. You should always be able to see the floors in your closets and bedroom area.

No Place for Your (Home) Office. Sleep and retreat. Work should be kept away from your resting space.

Staying Organized.

Make Your Bed. Every morning.

Open Your Window Blinds. Every morning, to let the day in.

Put Your Clothing Away. At the end of the day when you switch to your nightwear, the clothes that you take off should immediately be put where they belong. The dirty clothes in the hamper, the shoes in the closet, accessories in their home, and anything that isn’t dirty back in the closet or drawer.

Put New Purchases/Items in Their Proper Places. If you come home with bags of groceries, new clothing, etc. or have brought things home from the outside put those away where they belong.

Put Your Jewelry, Wallets, Phone, Purse in Their Designated Spaces. When they are in the rightful place you know exactly where to find them later.

Maintain The Closet Organization System You Implemented. It’s always easiest to store like with like…all the pants together, dresses, together, tops together etc. Optimally it should be color coded. That way you will always know what it is that you own and where to find it.

Keep Only Currently Used Items On Your Night Stand.  As for the papers and books make sure you store only the necessary papers and books you are reading at the moment.

With these tips your sleep space will be more organized which should free your mind to feel un-cluttered, calm and peaceful. These may be new habits that take some level of discipline and commitment at first, but the physical and mental benefits of good sleep are definitely worth effort.  

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Create Your Own Bedroom Sanctuary

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