The internet has obviously changed the way we live, do business and even play. With the developments of the recent economy, there is always something new surfacing to help the consumer save money and to help businesses make money. Fast forward to sites like Groupon, Screaming Deals and Living Social to name a few.

When I first found out about these sites, not only did I sign up as a consumer, but I thought it would be a good way to generate new business. So I proceeded to send an application to Groupon and Living Social. Many, many months passed and I hadn’t heard from either company. Finally, after about 6 or 9 months from when I submitted my paperwork to Living Social they contacted me. I was the first professional organizer in the LA area they were considering for one of their daily deals. I was thrilled that I was to be the first and thought that might be to my advantage. Then the negotiating started. I was in control of the area the deal would run and how long the coupon would be valid once purchased. The negotiating was on the pricing.

The way the deal works is that the discount must be at least a 50% savings to the consumer. After that there is a 50/50 split with Living Social. I wasn’t thrilled with that part because I end of practically working for free but I figured there would be others benefits for me. We went back and forth before we came up with a deal that was acceptable for both of us. I weighed the pros and cons and in the end the pros won out. I realized that in addition to more clients, it was also free advertising and more people signed up for my newsletter.

When the deal finally ran I found myself watching the amount purchased all day long. As the number climbed up and up, I got more and more excited. I literally had to tear my self away from the computer. In the end the deal ran for 2 days and I sold a total of 116 deals. That meant 116 new clients. While I was obviously thrilled with he amount of new business coming my way, it was also a bit nerve racking knowing that I would now have to fit 116 new clients into my schedule. But then I realized that not everyone would be calling the same day to schedule their appointments and nor would I have to do all 116 in the same week or even the same month.

Thus far, I consider have sold that many a success. Once the expiration date has past then I will be able to determine if this was also a profitable idea. Of course, there will always be those that never use their coupon, there will be others that will end of purchasing more hours and there will be some that will only use the coupon. I guess only time will tell.

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