So you decide to start a business… And you have a family. Maybe a spouse, a kid or two or more, parents, in-laws, etc… How do you juggle them all? Being a single mother of late and no family nearby I find it extremely challenging to juggle it all -my schedule, her schedule, babysitters, play dates, etc. Some time you just want to scream. I actually have it much easier than a lot of people because I don’t have the extended family obligations that most people do. However, that brings it’s own set of challenges. My short list of free babysitters is much shorter than most.

There are days that I have meltdowns like a three year old and there are other days when I am a big girl. There’s the networking, the meetings with potential clients, then the actual working with clients, then there’s homework and play dates and dance classes and me going to the gym…I want to scream! And then the worst thing happens. It slows down and then it’s quiet and you wonder why and when will it get busy again.

Trust me, I am very grateful when it is very busy because I’m making money. But at the same time I have to remember not to focus too much on all the chaos at that time because eventually it will slow down. The law of attraction is something else. When I am beside myself with work and tired as anything, I get so overwhelmed that I meltdown. I want it to slow down. And what do you know? IT does. Then I get frustrated because I’m not crazy busy. Is there no pleasing me? Lesson learned: careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

What I always have to remind myself is that ‘this too shall pass.’ It won’t always be this way. It’s not the worst thing in the world to be crazy busy. In fact, it might be the best thing. The busier I get, the more help I need and then I can hire an assistant. Imagine having someone that can help with all the work? What a concept! I hope to be in that position shortly. This is getting crazy.

Crazy Busy


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