I am the type of person that I sometimes act without thinking things all the way through. That’s sometimes good and sometimes not so good. When I decided t start my company I just plowed ahead and just started. I got business, started networking and got clients. What else did I need right? Apparently I needed a business plan. I heard this term alot but I always thought it was something you needed if you were trying to get funding. Since I didn’t need funding I didn’t think I really needed one. I figured I could just wing it and I would be fine. Don’t get me wrong, things were moving along but not just as fast as I would have liked them to.

Then I met Judi Glova, business coach, of Pinnacle Coaching. A few months ago she became one of my clients when I helped her with a move. During the process we were talking about what it is that she does. As she explained different aspects of her business it sounded really interesting. Since I had never worked with a business coach I wasn’t sure what they did. Nonetheless I decided that it would be helpful if we started working together. So we did.

We had several sessions where I did different exercises. I didn’t really understand it at the time, how it all was tied together, but eventually I would. Soon enough I realized that we were working towards putting together my business plan. (I ‘m a little slow, OK?) Ever though I am still tweaking my business plan, just putting it down on paper was the beginning of everything coming together. Goals were established for the next 5 years, breaking down each year individually. Other things were also defined such as mission statement, who is my target audience, what are my services, income goals, etc.

This was probably one of the best things I could have done for my business. The goals that I listed in my plan have started becoming a reality. The phone is ringing and they are ringing with the types of clients I listed, the ideas that I listed, etc.

Who knew that putting a couple of pages together could jump start my business even more? Was it worth it? Absolutely! Do I recommend it? Absolutely! I have no idea what it will do for anyone else but it certainly did wonders for me. I’m just excited to see what else but develop from my ideas in my plan. Stay tuned for more….

Just remember: Clear the clutter, clear the mind, be more productive.

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