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Alice Harnell

Robyn Reynolds very efficiently handled the disposal of many years of accumulated furniture, art work, and bric-a-brac in my home, and got me top dollar for the pieces. I was out of town during the entire Estate Sale process, and Robyn took care of everything, including donating those items that did not sell. I would highly recommend her services.

Barry Rathner

I can without hesitation heartily recommend Robyn Reynolds in her capacity as Estate Manager. Just this past week, she organized our sale and though we were a bit nervous about the endeavor, having never done this before, she was a calming influence. Furthermore, she combines professionalism with a down to earth personality that kept us as well as the customers cool, calm and collected. Those lucky enough to hire her, I am sure will find the experience a very profitable as well as enjoyable one.

Gloria Neiman

Robyn provided the organizational skills and pure physical labor needed to clear out my large storage room which was packed to the ceiling with twenty years accumulation of stuff and she did it all in less than four hours. She helped me overcome my attachment to my stuff and coaxed and humored me into "letting go." She also organized my move from my home to a small temporary apartment. Her expertise and organizational skills got me packed up within a very limited time frame. I couldn't have done this move within the deadline without Robyn and her wonderful attitude, skill and work ethic.

Laurie Prietto

Moving is always overwhelming and disruptive.  This is especially true when you need to downsize as well.  Robyn helped me in so many ways to make my move less traumatic and more successful. She kept me on task, supported and encouraged me, and did a great job of packing and labeling.  Robyn was dependable, hardworking, and knowledgeable in all moving concerns…I couldn't have done it without you.

Lisa J

I was referred to Robyn and came highly recommended for the job. She indeed met that high standard of referral and professionalism. Robyn showed up right on time, assessed all the spaces and asked a series of questions to best sense how each area would be used, on a daily basis. She had wonderful ideas on how to build the most practical closets for my family. Robyn spent a good deal of time ensuring the drawing/designs would be best suited and what we were looking for in the project. Closets were installed and Robyn came out to oversee the project and even took me out to a few stores, in order find the some handles to match the drawers installed. Everything looks wonderful and I can't recommend Robyn enough! She also has a brilliant mind for organization and ideas of how to enhance a home's layout and usage. I'm a bit envious of her skill set, in being able to imagine and see possibilities for living space, many I would have never otherwise thought of before.

Lynndi Scott

Robyn loves her work and it shows, not only in her personality, but in the results she creates. She listened to my needs, offered some inspiring ideas in support of my vision and created an end product that was more than I had imagined. Robyn is a person of integrity, evidenced by her caring nature, dedication and commitment. I strongly recommend Robyn. Her organizing skills are exemplary.

Lytel Young

Host on HGTV

Robyn has a wonderful personality and an eye for detail...I recommend her services whether moving into a new home or need help reorganizing your current home. After working with Organize2Harmonize you will definitely recommend her services over and over again.

Marlise Karlin

On my recent move cross-country, I hired Organize2Harmonize to coordinate the many details I knew would be needed to make the transition as stress free as possible. Knowing that I had someone as professional and trustworthy as Robyn handling matters made the whole process that much easier. It allowed me to ‘enjoy the journey’. I so appreciate her level of integrity in doing whatever was needed to get the job done in a professional manner and with a smile. Thank you so much. I look forward to working with you again on my next move, which shouldn’t be too long, as this seems to happen quite often in my life. 🙂

Tina Hill

Robyn's proactive approach to building and organizing my closet and garage spaces was second-to-none! She not only worked beyond my expectations, but she kept me a part of the entire process, kept on time and on budget, breaking me free from my belief that any form of home improvement cannot possibly stay on time or on budget. She even went beyond the organizational part of the projects to work with me on my desired design details, which were not a part of her job description! I would recommend Robyn to anyone who wants their time and budget respected, as well as an amazing end product!

We’d love your business and to see your testimonial here. Please contact us for more information.