New Service

New Service

Student Organization Service



We are happy to announce a brand new service. We are now offering student organization. While you may think it’s just about organizing one’s space, it is that and so much more. Children today have so many challenges, much more than we did growing up. Not only do they have school, sports for some, friends, possibly a job but when you had in the component of technology it elevates things to a whole other level. They are torn in so many directions if is oftentimes hard for them to focus and prioritize. Add into that the fact that more and more children are diagnosed with ADHD and Executive Function Disorder and that complicates matters all the more. While this is extremely helpful for students with ADHD and EFD, it is beneficial for all students.

Some of the most common challenges students face are:

  • staying focused while doing homework
  • time management
  • project management
  • forgetting to turn in assignments

If your student has these challenges and/or others then this is the ideal service to help your student excel in school and in life. I always tell my daughter that life is about problem solving. So they need to grasp the tools to solve life’s problems as they come along. Sometimes that is the same as handling homework and projects. What we do is not only prepare your child with tools and strategies for a successful school year but we prepare them for life.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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